PointRed Telecom has a dedicated team of highly skilled service engineers and we deliver 24X7 (or) 5X8 support based on industry standard technical assistance program. Our Technical Service package also includes onsite support. All Technical Services are subject to the terms and conditions of PointRed's Service Level Agreement, Product Return Policy, Product Repair Policy, Software Support Policy and Product Warranty.

Limited Technical Support - Telephone/email support

Customers who have not subscribed to any Service Plan can contact Technical Support for assistance over the Telephone or via email on first come first serve basis. This service is available during business hours, 8am-6pm IST Monday to Friday.

Unlimited Technical Support - Telephone/email support/online support

This is offered to customers who has subscribed to annual service plan for unlimted access to Technical Support. Customer will have assistance over the Telephone or via email and access to the PointRed Technical Support portal for online support.

Complaint Call registration procedure

  • Time Duration: 24/7 or 8/5
  • Call Registration: Write a mail to
  • Process: Get a Ticket Id
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