PointRed has been in to Last Mile solution from the day one with its MicroRed NGN Series of Licensed and Unlicensed band of operations.

PointRed offers IP based Ethernet Radios and TDMoIP based radios as part of its Last Mile offering. The same Last Mile solution has been used by telecom network for GSM, CDMA network backhaul connectivity, online realtime billing for utility services company, ISP, schools, industries, enterprises and windmills.

PointRed's Last Mile solution offers unparallel data throughput with Quality and class of service to the end customer.

Growing demand for internet, application and quick deployment has made PointRed products a winning solution for Last Mile.

PointRed's Last Mile Products are

  • Quick and easy to install - faster return on investment, lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • No recurring costs - you own the infrastructure and no annual recurring cost.
  • Low equipment costs - Base station costs are minimal when compared to wired leased line costs.
  • Easy to add subscribers - subscriber unit and customer acquisition costs are very low and services will be instantaneous.
  • High Speed - DSL and Cable access are limited where as Last Mile on Wireless will provide unristricted access up to 30Mbps.

The user experience with Wireless as a Last Mile is uncomparable to the dynamic growth services that can be offered by any operator or a service provider.

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