PointRed Telecom provides customized training programs for leading operators and business training to the telecom industry. In-house training allows customer/audiance to define a program that precisely suites their needs, with access to all latest industry information and technology advances, at a location and time of customer choice. PointRed Telecom provides the most comprehensive product training to it's employees and end users.

PointRed's skill-based training is classified as

  • Field Technician Training - For Quality Physical Installation.
  • Field Engineer Training - To handle CPE installation and maintanance.
  • RF Engineer Training - To handle BaseStation and POP Elements.
  • WiMAX Service Engineer Training - To integrate and maintain access and core network gateways.

Product Training are classified into the following modules

  • MicroRedTM Series
    • MicroRedTM NGN Product Training.
    • System Deployment, Operations, Maintenance and Troubleshooting.
    • CPE Installation Training.
    • Partner Training on new products.
    • MicroViewTM Element Management System Training.
  • PointMax Series
    • PointMax Field Technician Training
    • PointMax WiMAX RAN Engineer training.
    • PointMax WiMAX Core Engineer Training.
    • PointMax WiMAX O & M training.
    • PointViewTM EMS Engineer Training.
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