RF Installations

PointRed is your one stop solution for complete wireless integration starting from project management to site survey, site survey to installation, installation to training.

PointRed Deployment Methodology Includes

Detail Requirements and Project Plan

The PointRed Network team is dedicated to work with you to completely for a thorough analysis of business requirements and a detailed project plan. The requirements and project plan clearly define all custom enhancements and system integrations, system setup, supplier implementation, data definitions, acceptance tests, training, communications and documentation to make the project successful.

Design and Test Enhancements and Integration

We design and test system enhancements and integrations to meet your stated requirements.

Customer Setup

In parallel with design and test enhancements and integration, we design and develop your environment, including portal outlook and feel and we implement your solution.

Production Testing

With integration and testing complete, we move your solution to the PointRed QA system where it undergoes complete regression testing. At any point, the PointRed QA system is ready for your review and acceptance.

Training and Communication

In parallel with production testing, we provide training, communication support and documentation to all users prior to go-live. Focused training is available for all user roles like Information Managers, Company Administrators, Suppliers and End-Users.


The final goal of deployment is the go-live. Go-live is an event that loads real-time production data, gains your final approval, and cuts over from legacy system to the new PointRed solution. PointRed actively monitors the solution after go-live to ensure proper production processing.

Our people and resources

PointRed always scout to find that kind of experience, you can be assured of accessing quality domain knowledge and expert solutions that meet your business needs. We have an entire team dedicated to making sure your deployment runs as smooth as possible. A project manager, data implementation specialist and our engineering group will play key roles in your deployment. The entire PointRed Network team is ready to make your project a successful one.

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