PointRed Telecom is one of the leading BWA network Consultants in the industry supporting our customers to achieve maximum revenue and least initial investment for network roll out and operations. Our wealth of knowledge and expertise in Telecom solutions is gained over years of experience and working with leading international technology houses and solution providers.

Our services to you, our customer, include providing hardware and software solutions, design and implementation of networks, developing and delivering customized application over and above the standard product to fit your dynamic business needs. We re-structure and simulate your network for current and future capacity. Moreover, with our expertise and flexibility, we can deliver unique services including customized management software solutions, which would help you to make your business more profitable.

Our consulting teams believe that "customized solution for every network is the need of the hour". Hence we bring in detailed study and understanding with our customers by discussing their needs and challenges, understand their business model and, most importantly, need for change factor in the functional systems coupled with localization to the serving market.

PointRed believes in holistic approach from customer requirement, market demand, revenue Vs investment analysis, localized business model with localized services.

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