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PointRed, a design, manufacturer and supplier of Broadband Wireless Access(BWA) Ecosystem, has unique insights into market requirements, leading to a product portfolio that provides an end-to-end solution. PointRed Offers diversified portfolio of mobile broadband infrastructure system for small enterprise to high carrier class modular products for integration into operator's network. PointLiTE is an LTE offering from PointRed's Arsenal of Broadband communication system to counter 3G/4G, a simplified technology committed to bring the change in user experience.

PointLiTE RAN complies with 3GPP to provide downlink peak rates above 300Mbps which is achieved using ever reliable MIMO technology.

PointLiTE follows 3GPP standard which define an all-IP network as a base for the LTE/SAE. The LTE/SAE does not have a separate Packet Switched data traffic and Circuit Switched voice network and both communicate over the same Evolved Packet System (EPS) network.

PointLiTE radio network is built on advance features to help simplify, reduce the cost of setting up and managing infrastructure, not ignoring the CAPEX and OPEX. PointLiTE has adopted the concept of self-organizing network like self-configuration, self-optimization and self healing of wireless network to transform the ability to automate the operation and maintenence(O & M) among the carrier class network to a reality.


  • PointLiTE 10000

User Element

  • PointLiTE SE100
  • PointLiTE SE200
  • PointLiTE SE300


  • PointLiTE P-GW
  • PointLiTE S-GW
  • PointLiTE MME
  • PointLiTe HSS

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