BackHaul - MicroRedTM NGN Family

MicroRedTM family of products are a highly robust hardware platform, which are the world's first single chipset digital radios, supporting multiple licensed and unlicensed bands of operation. MicroRedTM NGN Family has OFDM radios with multiple range and option to cater ISP, telecom operators, rural communication infrastructure, urban enterprise networking, campus networking, short distance, long distance, varied data rates and varied service mix. MicroRed NGN family has multiple variants of single radio solutions with integrated and external antenna option.


6 GHz to 26 GHz in all outdoor IP Radios for long distance & High data rate.

MicroRedTM NGN

Ethernet based long distance point-to-point and point-to-multipoint services with external antennas.

MicroRedTM NGN E1

Triple Play services, long distance, point-to-point with external antennas.


Ethernet based short distance and in-door solution for wifi access.


Microview EMS is a carrier-grade, scalable, reliable and Rich Internet application for total management of PointRed NGN devices.

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