We fully understand that our success is a direct reflection of our ability to engage and support the right channel partners so that we build successful businesses together.

With our unique PreWiMax, WiMax & LTE solutions we open the way for our partners to enhance there Technology & Business growth. We believe in addressing the needs of our valuable end customers adding values to our partner.

With a joint step we will satisfy the fastest growing technology & industry like the wireless broadband & VOIP.

With our improved and economic PointMAX, MicroRedTM and PointLiTE product line, our partner can address the market needs. Mobility, Simplicity, Flexibility for high returns w.r.t saving and accessibility increases the productivity of users.

Mobility : Better communication

We enable users to access information beyond their desk, and conduct business anywhere within their offices. PointRed means your businesses most important asset - your people - are better connected, assisting productivity, enabling faster decision making and reducing the costs of doing business.

Simplicity : Easy to deploy

We eliminate the need for complex cabling and construction, and installation can take place without taking your cabled network offline, ensuring minimum disruption for employees.

Flexibility : Well suited to any environments

We make you feel wireless is an extension to a wired network as it allows access anywhere within your building. For difficult to cable locations such as heritage buildings or sites where new wiring can't be laid for structural reasons, wireless is ideal.

Saving : Low cost of implementation

Network total costs of ownership can be significantly lower with PointRed when compared to wire. The longer-term benefits are highest in environments where there are frequent network moves, changes and / or additions.

Accessibility : Network reach

PointRed enable you to access high speed internet and secure network access at airports, hotels, coffee shops and convention centers.

Smart : Employee productivity

PointRed can turbo charge your productivity. Once you experience MicroRedTM, PointMAX and PointLiTE, it's unlikely you'll want to use cables again.

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